My solutions for ParkCalc exercise

Only just though I was goggling for some testing workouts I came across this site by Zeger Van Hese

“You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird… So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing — that’s what counts. I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.”
From “The pleasure of finding things out” (1981)

From this blog I originate an exercise of ParkCalc

Bringing up a few spots based on my testing abilities
1. Without altering/varying anything , calculating the Cost as $ 2.00 per (0 days, 0 Hours, 0 Minutes)

2. Accepting the character values for Date and Time, and calculating the Cost.

3. Displaying the negative days with the hours calculating. But not displaying the Cost for calculated hours.

4. When I calculate from 10.00 Am to 10.00 Am next day, it is displaying the Days as 1 day and with the Cost of $26. But when I calculate from 10.00 Am to 12.00 AM next day, it is displaying the Hours as 14 with Cost of $24.

5. No specific entry criteria for the Date field. Accepting the DD, DD/MM, DD/MM/YY and all the formats. But in the specification it is mentioned to enter as MM/DD/YYYY
6. Displaying the Cost as $ 124,128.00 (5171 Days), if I give the leaving time as “123456” but it is displaying the Cost as $ 672.00(27 Days, 23 Hours), if I give the leaving time as “12345678901234567890”
7. If I don’t give the “Leaving Date”, it is displaying inappropriate error message as “Your Exit Date or Time is before your entry date or time”. Hope, it should be like” Please enter the Leaving Date to calculate the Cost” or like that.

* I have ensured a lot of unlike explanations pretty than the over declared. Then I thought how in a different way should I necessitate to believe/perform/be trained and relate my testing proficiencies.

* Am practicing and reading the Domain Testing by Cem Kaner

Hope this helps me to consider/discover in approaching with different scenarios.

Happy Testing


How user friendly is this Bank site????

Hi friends,

I have lost my log in password and want to create new password. Check how lengthy the process to get a password.


We need to select “Net banking” option from the Internet Banking Log in drop down. Please check the below screen shot for the Forgot Password option.

When I clicked on “Forgot Your Password” option it navigated me to here.

Can you find the “*” mark in the red on the top. “* denotes the mandatory fields”. So I entered Customer Relationship Number and clicked on “Submit” button in the button. (Check the screen shot)

It is asking me to enter the User ID and that too it is displaying the warning or alert message on the top of the screen.
Why they have made mandatory for only Customer Relationship Number, if the user want to enter other fields too.
Why they can’t display the alert or warning message in the below or middle of the screen. Because most of the users don’t check in the top.
I have given the User ID and clicked on Submit button. (Check the screen shots, it was asking me too enter all the fields mentioned over there)

Check the above screen shot, I have not given any date but it is displaying as “Invalid Date”. And also check the email id which I have given in the below screen shot.

it is…. It was asking me to select the options too. I have selected all the four options because it was asking me to enter all the details.

When I select “Please issue me a new log in password”, why they can’t disable other option if that scenario doesn’t exists.

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuum at last I have completed to enter/select all the required(all) the fields with wrong credentials, I clicked on “Submit” button. Check what the message I got….


* are they going to send the password to that email id which I have mentioned.
* are they going to call and update the password to the registered phone number which I have given.
* are they really wants to encourage user to use this option for the next time when the user losses the passwords.

Don’t loss the passwords, if you do so then forget to reset it too.

And more over please check the below screen shot, I felt it as a wonder.

Powered by FINACLE! from Infosys

Guys I have still not recovered/reset my password…

Is this the service they want to provide to their users. Thank god now ABN is RBS.
Let us check how they are providing the services to the users.

Happy Testing

Weird ! bug

The application which am testing has the login screen. And it do comprise a option to configure my password settings. Here are the directions for the configuration.

1. Minimum length for Password: None,4,5,6,7 characters.
2. Maximum length for Password: 6 to 20 characters.
3. Password must contain: Characters, Characters/Numbers, Characters/Numbers/Special Characters and Characters/Special Characters

The one scenario where the system crashed is with the following case.

1. Minimum length for Password: None
2. Maximum length for Password: 20
3. Password must contain: Characters.

And my password is : “ssssssssssssssssssss”

Now I attempt to login with the new password, strange! the system is allowing me to login with single “S” .
It should thrown a error message as “Invalid Password”. FAILED to do so.

If I set my password as: “atatatatatatatatatatatat”, it is not allowing me to login with single “at”.
If I give a single character 20 times, I can login with a single character. But if I give a phrase or word for 10 times, am unable to login with single word.

I will furnish the detailed bug report in my next post.

Thanks for your moment and endurance. Please let me know your implications with your valuable comments.

Happy Testing.

My real experience of Compatability and Accessebilty Testing

When we try to open or save the attached file, it opens a pop up and gives the information bar to download the file.

But one of my client has these issues with it:

1. Information bar is not coming to download a file.
2. When he is trying to open the attached Excel document, it is not opening and showing in Acrobat reader that the file is not in valid format.

After investigating a lot I brought out the Internet Explorer Information bar to his IE pop up.

After searching the net and after goggling a lot, I got these steps to follow…..
When Internet Explorer Information bar will come and when it will not?

1. If a website tries to install an ActiveX control on your computer or run an ActiveX control in an unsafe manner.
2. If a website tries to open a pop-up window.
3. If a website tries to download a file to your computer.
4. If a website tries to run active content on your computer.
5. If your security settings are below recommended levels.
6. If you access an intranet webpage, but have not turned on intranet address checking. For more information, see Changing intranet security settings.
7. If you started Internet Explorer with add-ons disabled.
8. If you need to install an updated ActiveX control or add-on program.
9. The webpage address can be displayed with native language letters or symbols but you don’t have the language installed.

Steps in Investigation:
1. Checked the IE security settings.
2. Checked the IE custom settings.
3. Checked the IE settings 1,2,3,…….100,110, 500, ….. ………………………..

Finally I got a solution, in his IE settings the security is selected as “Trusted Sites”, where our product IP is added. That is why it is not showing the Internet Explorer Information bar while downloading a file. Changed the options, working fine now.

Lemme investigate for the Acrobat reader and give you the detailed report.
Really frndz this scenario, made me to think somewhat in different ways.

Do definitions of Testing or testing skills, which one bring out more bugs?

Frndz, one of my hilarious conversations with an interviewer.

Interviewer: What is Regression Testing?
Me: I have got a bug in one screen and reported to the developer. After fixing it, he asks over me to test it just the once again whether that bug is fixed or not.
If I test the application where I got the bug is Re- Testing.
If I test all the applications to check whether the changed code affected anywhere is Regression Testing.

Interviewer: No, am not getting you exactly.
Me: haaaaaaaaaaaaa???????????????? 🙂

Interviewer: Can you give the exact definitions of Regression and Re-Testing with some real time scenarios?
Me: That is what I have done.
Okay I will explain you one scenario.I was testing a login screen. In the login screen, I do have “Forgot Password” option. And I also have “Change Password” option in the settings screen. For both the options, it should send a mail to email id which we configure in the admin settings.
While I was testing “Forgot Password” it was not sending the mail. Whereas it was fine with “Change Password”. I reported this bug to developer. After fixing this bug he asked to test it.

If I test only for “Forgot Password”, where I got the bug is RE-TESTING.
If I test it for both “Forgot Password” and “Change Password” to check whether both the options sending the mail to same email id is REGRESSION TESTING.

Interviewer: Common man, I was asking you to say the exact definitions and you were saying the examples. Why you are wasting my valuable time, I need to take more interviews……….

Sudhamshu lost his patience, no way my fnrdz. How these guys are eligible to take the interviews.

It went on like this with a lot of stupid questions and stupid explanations. I was puzzled, what he wants exactly from me. Does he wants’ me to test or wants’ me to go and join a Software Institute to learn the exact definition for all the Testing terminologies.

Hammaya 😦 , at last he asked one brilliant question, “Do you want anything to ask me?”
Then I asked him, “Do definitions of Testing or Testing Skills, which one bring out more bugs?”

Interviewer: What a funny question, obv Testing Skills.
Me: My dear friend Learn and practice them, they makes you to write your own definitions of the skills you know.

Really Frndz some of my interviewers will depend on Google and the classes they went out to learn testing. If we answer wrongly from what they learnt, no way you are not selected.

Frndz, if you come across such type of Interviewers please educate them. They are our beloved TESTERS and they belong to our own community.

Happy Testing

Why security, usability and performance testing has to be done?

Hi Frndz,
Lemme share my ideas of about Security, Performance and Usability.

Security testing
Is a process to determine that an information system protects data and maintains functionality as intended.
The six basic security concepts that need to be covered by security testing are: confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, availability and non-repudiation.

Performance Testing
In the computer industry, software performance testing is used to determine the speed or effectiveness of a computer, network, software program or device. This process can involve quantitative tests done in a lab, such as measuring the response time or the number of MIPS (millions of instructions per second) at which a system functions. Qualitative attributes such as reliability, scalability and interoperability may also be evaluated. Performance testing is often done in conjunction with stress testing.

Usability testing
Is a technique used to evaluate a product by testing it on users. This can be seen as an irreplaceable usability practice, since it gives direct input on how real users use the system.This is in contrast with usability inspection methods where experts use different methods to evaluate a user interface without involving users.

I was into testing a web product, which deals with the sales as like eBay and amazon.
As per our FRS (Functional Requirement Specifications) and BRS (Business Requirement Specifications), satisfied with the quality of the product from client side and released into the market.

Then the actual bugs came up.

Some points of the FRS:

1. When a user logs in and selects the categories to buy, let us think he wants to buy teddy bears, he has to select that category.
2. Will get different types of the selected category, in the second page.
3. After selecting a teddy bear if he wants to buy it, he has to click on Buy button.
4. This navigates to the third page.
5. Will get a list of options like DD, Credit Card and Debit Card.
6. After selecting, it has to show the available banks in the list.
7. Enter bank id and password to buy the product.
8. Have to get a confirmation mail from the web.

Some, only some steps to check. If these points are not bringing up in FRS or BRS, request client to act in response for these issues.

1. How much time it is taking to navigate from one page to another page in the process to buy a product?
2. If it is taking 10 seconds to navigate from one page to another page, it is okay. But if it takes more than 30 seconds, does it encourage user to visit this page again.
3. How much it is secured to give the bank account details?

Please do let me know more questions we can ask, when you are reading this post.
Put some comments here.

Happy Testing

Conversation learnt me “What Testing is exactly?”

Hi Frndz,
Recently I had a intresting and important conversation with Pradeep Soundararajan, which helped me and educated me.

For your need am posting over here.

Me: I just came to know that for some of my clients the system get hang, I was trying to execute the same case but am unable to do it, Pradeep,Even I tried with diff OS,Versions of IE
the same configuration as like my client

PS: hold on
PS: Read this, read it slow and experiment with the ideas in it.
Me: fine Pradeep I will read it and I will surely try to find the bug

PS: Have you heard about testability and supportability?
Me: no

PS: Have you read a testing book? Not the ISTQB or CSTE stuff
Me: yeah, am following ur blog and some other blogs

PS: blog is different from book, have you read a testing book completely?
Me: no I haven’t read

PS: Let me ask you this question: Do you think the programmer with whom you work has never read a book on programming?
Me: they have learnt

PS: Well then if you were to suffer in future, please dont blame it on software testing but yourself. However, the good news for you is.
Your problem is solvable. Go read
Testing Computer Software, 2nd Edition
Lessons Learned in Software Testing
then read blogs
Me: yeah Pradeep, I will buy and read the book

PS: thanks,If you do that you will be doing the biggest thing to yourself as a tester.
Me: I should thank u Pradeep
PS: dont thank me, I havent done any help to you yet
Me: fine

Really I were in to testing field from 2 years but I haven’t read a single book on this.

Shame on u Sudhamshu…..

I started to read a book now, mostly am going to complete it.  (Worth reading it)

So frndz, start reading the books, if you haven’t yet.

Happy Testing….