Conversation learnt me “What Testing is exactly?”

Hi Frndz,
Recently I had a intresting and important conversation with Pradeep Soundararajan, which helped me and educated me.

For your need am posting over here.

Me: I just came to know that for some of my clients the system get hang, I was trying to execute the same case but am unable to do it, Pradeep,Even I tried with diff OS,Versions of IE
the same configuration as like my client

PS: hold on
PS: Read this, read it slow and experiment with the ideas in it.
Me: fine Pradeep I will read it and I will surely try to find the bug

PS: Have you heard about testability and supportability?
Me: no

PS: Have you read a testing book? Not the ISTQB or CSTE stuff
Me: yeah, am following ur blog and some other blogs

PS: blog is different from book, have you read a testing book completely?
Me: no I haven’t read

PS: Let me ask you this question: Do you think the programmer with whom you work has never read a book on programming?
Me: they have learnt

PS: Well then if you were to suffer in future, please dont blame it on software testing but yourself. However, the good news for you is.
Your problem is solvable. Go read
Testing Computer Software, 2nd Edition
Lessons Learned in Software Testing
then read blogs
Me: yeah Pradeep, I will buy and read the book

PS: thanks,If you do that you will be doing the biggest thing to yourself as a tester.
Me: I should thank u Pradeep
PS: dont thank me, I havent done any help to you yet
Me: fine

Really I were in to testing field from 2 years but I haven’t read a single book on this.

Shame on u Sudhamshu…..

I started to read a book now, mostly am going to complete it.  (Worth reading it)

So frndz, start reading the books, if you haven’t yet.

Happy Testing….


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