Do definitions of Testing or testing skills, which one bring out more bugs?

Frndz, one of my hilarious conversations with an interviewer.

Interviewer: What is Regression Testing?
Me: I have got a bug in one screen and reported to the developer. After fixing it, he asks over me to test it just the once again whether that bug is fixed or not.
If I test the application where I got the bug is Re- Testing.
If I test all the applications to check whether the changed code affected anywhere is Regression Testing.

Interviewer: No, am not getting you exactly.
Me: haaaaaaaaaaaaa???????????????? 🙂

Interviewer: Can you give the exact definitions of Regression and Re-Testing with some real time scenarios?
Me: That is what I have done.
Okay I will explain you one scenario.I was testing a login screen. In the login screen, I do have “Forgot Password” option. And I also have “Change Password” option in the settings screen. For both the options, it should send a mail to email id which we configure in the admin settings.
While I was testing “Forgot Password” it was not sending the mail. Whereas it was fine with “Change Password”. I reported this bug to developer. After fixing this bug he asked to test it.

If I test only for “Forgot Password”, where I got the bug is RE-TESTING.
If I test it for both “Forgot Password” and “Change Password” to check whether both the options sending the mail to same email id is REGRESSION TESTING.

Interviewer: Common man, I was asking you to say the exact definitions and you were saying the examples. Why you are wasting my valuable time, I need to take more interviews……….

Sudhamshu lost his patience, no way my fnrdz. How these guys are eligible to take the interviews.

It went on like this with a lot of stupid questions and stupid explanations. I was puzzled, what he wants exactly from me. Does he wants’ me to test or wants’ me to go and join a Software Institute to learn the exact definition for all the Testing terminologies.

Hammaya 😦 , at last he asked one brilliant question, “Do you want anything to ask me?”
Then I asked him, “Do definitions of Testing or Testing Skills, which one bring out more bugs?”

Interviewer: What a funny question, obv Testing Skills.
Me: My dear friend Learn and practice them, they makes you to write your own definitions of the skills you know.

Really Frndz some of my interviewers will depend on Google and the classes they went out to learn testing. If we answer wrongly from what they learnt, no way you are not selected.

Frndz, if you come across such type of Interviewers please educate them. They are our beloved TESTERS and they belong to our own community.

Happy Testing


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