How user friendly is this Bank site????

Hi friends,

I have lost my log in password and want to create new password. Check how lengthy the process to get a password.


We need to select “Net banking” option from the Internet Banking Log in drop down. Please check the below screen shot for the Forgot Password option.

When I clicked on “Forgot Your Password” option it navigated me to here.

Can you find the “*” mark in the red on the top. “* denotes the mandatory fields”. So I entered Customer Relationship Number and clicked on “Submit” button in the button. (Check the screen shot)

It is asking me to enter the User ID and that too it is displaying the warning or alert message on the top of the screen.
Why they have made mandatory for only Customer Relationship Number, if the user want to enter other fields too.
Why they can’t display the alert or warning message in the below or middle of the screen. Because most of the users don’t check in the top.
I have given the User ID and clicked on Submit button. (Check the screen shots, it was asking me too enter all the fields mentioned over there)

Check the above screen shot, I have not given any date but it is displaying as “Invalid Date”. And also check the email id which I have given in the below screen shot.

it is…. It was asking me to select the options too. I have selected all the four options because it was asking me to enter all the details.

When I select “Please issue me a new log in password”, why they can’t disable other option if that scenario doesn’t exists.

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuum at last I have completed to enter/select all the required(all) the fields with wrong credentials, I clicked on “Submit” button. Check what the message I got….


* are they going to send the password to that email id which I have mentioned.
* are they going to call and update the password to the registered phone number which I have given.
* are they really wants to encourage user to use this option for the next time when the user losses the passwords.

Don’t loss the passwords, if you do so then forget to reset it too.

And more over please check the below screen shot, I felt it as a wonder.

Powered by FINACLE! from Infosys

Guys I have still not recovered/reset my password…

Is this the service they want to provide to their users. Thank god now ABN is RBS.
Let us check how they are providing the services to the users.

Happy Testing


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