My real experience of Compatability and Accessebilty Testing

When we try to open or save the attached file, it opens a pop up and gives the information bar to download the file.

But one of my client has these issues with it:

1. Information bar is not coming to download a file.
2. When he is trying to open the attached Excel document, it is not opening and showing in Acrobat reader that the file is not in valid format.

After investigating a lot I brought out the Internet Explorer Information bar to his IE pop up.

After searching the net and after goggling a lot, I got these steps to follow…..
When Internet Explorer Information bar will come and when it will not?

1. If a website tries to install an ActiveX control on your computer or run an ActiveX control in an unsafe manner.
2. If a website tries to open a pop-up window.
3. If a website tries to download a file to your computer.
4. If a website tries to run active content on your computer.
5. If your security settings are below recommended levels.
6. If you access an intranet webpage, but have not turned on intranet address checking. For more information, see Changing intranet security settings.
7. If you started Internet Explorer with add-ons disabled.
8. If you need to install an updated ActiveX control or add-on program.
9. The webpage address can be displayed with native language letters or symbols but you don’t have the language installed.

Steps in Investigation:
1. Checked the IE security settings.
2. Checked the IE custom settings.
3. Checked the IE settings 1,2,3,…….100,110, 500, ….. ………………………..

Finally I got a solution, in his IE settings the security is selected as “Trusted Sites”, where our product IP is added. That is why it is not showing the Internet Explorer Information bar while downloading a file. Changed the options, working fine now.

Lemme investigate for the Acrobat reader and give you the detailed report.
Really frndz this scenario, made me to think somewhat in different ways.


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