Reschedule of Hyderabad Testers Meet-Up #1

Hi Friends,

We are sorry to announce that the meeting which need to be held on 25th August got postponed because of the heavy rain here.

So this will be the reschedule details:

1.Let us get together on any weekend once a month.

Why don’t we kick start this good cause on the second Saturday of next month, 11th September 2010?

2.Once we turn out to be a group, we can make a decision of the venue and appropriate time.

3.I will organize every meet via email,to decide venue,time and topics well in advance

Please join with me for a good cause. Do let me know your opinions and ideas.

Mail me to regarding your availability and convenient timings. It makes us to organize better.

Thanks to Dhanasekar S, Santhosh Tuppad, Santhosh Shukla, Parasuram and many more for supporting me for this initiative.

Thank you


Schedule for Hyderabad Testers Meet-Up #1

Hi Friends,

We are contented in forwarding you the invitation for Hyderabad tester meet-up #1 which is going to be held on August 25th, 2010.

What is the Tester Meet- up for?
It is a summit to share our thoughts and learn from each other a lot more. It is a platform where all can converse and can advance their skills and much more.

Agenda of the Meet-Up:

* Testers Introduction
* Discussion on Current Testing Trends
* Suggestions/Q&A
* Plan for the next meet-up

Wanna meet us, then come here Café Coffee Day, Ground Floor, VV Vintage Boulevard, Somajiguda by 0800 PM IST on this Wednesday.

No Registrations for the Meet-Up, everyone is invited.

Food & Drinks: Hope we are here to discuss/learn/share the views/thoughts. Still if you need them you can buy by spending from your own pocket 🙂

If you have any confusions or queries please call this guys 9177212543 | 9849314399

You can tweet your status @sudhamshu4u

Let your colleagues and friends be familiar with this meet-up. Do not drop this opportunity and good news for you is you will have this opportunity monthly as we conduct this meet-up every month.

I hope you would make it.

Newbies (Freshers) can also contribute in the meet-ups

Note: Please respond with an email to or send a Direct Message to any of the mobile numbers mentioned above.

Thankful to Santhosh , Dhanashekar and Parasuram for supporting me all the time.


Hyderabad Testers Meet-Up #1

Hi Friends,

I sense proud in saying “GOOD TESTER”. I am sure I would not have been where I am, without the support of you all, my fellow testers. So, how about we meeting once in a while to share our thoughts and learn from each other a lot more?

Here is what I am thinking about

1.Let us get together on any weekday once a month. Since most of us will be busy with family and other commitments during weekend.

Why don’t we kick start this good cause immediately this Wednesday, 25th August 2010?

2.Once we turn out to be a group, we can make a decision of the venue and appropriate time.

This time 8.00 PM IST @ COFFEE DAY, that fine?

3.I will organize every meet via email,to decide venue,time and topics well in advance

Please join with me for a good cause. Do let me know your opinions and ideas.

Thanks to Dhanasekar S, Santhosh Tuppad, Santhosh Shukla and many more for supporting me for this initiative.

Thank you

“ Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes….but no plans.”-Peter Drucker

My most horrible circumstances with the daily appliances

Every day when I rouse, of course I come across the key issues with the appliances I am using. People around me exploit the same applications and say wow!

I never understood and hope I will never understand why the people irritates/frustrates/disturbs by making these applications?
Let me recount you a little of my most terrible situations.

#1: All of unexpected there was no incoming and outgoing calls from my mobile 😉

I am using a legendary (Most of the people and even the same organization say like that) 🙂 mobile network from last 6 years. Former I was using “Prepaid” and planned to convert to “Postpaid”. Have taken the new number and got activated in 2 working days (Working days related to their working days).

Then one excellent day I was not capable to call anybody even to the customer care, thought some problem with the handset and later on I found that even I was not capable to receive the calls. Then my frustration got started.

Spoke to the customer care executive and found that the “Address and the details” provided by me were incorrect. How they came to a conclusion that my details were wrong (Million dollar question)?
After switching my bill payment to ECS, account got activated. Then I checked what went erroneous by logging to their web through my account.

Blunder! I have endowed to them my VOTER ID Card, Passport and some more documents while registering for a new connection.
Check the below screen shots.

1. Anniversary Date is mentioned as 31/08/2009. Hope their team /crew made my marriage on that day. But formerly am not married yet.

2. There is no Kollur Road in my city. It is actually Kallur Road.

3. See the City field in the two screen shots above. It is mentioned as “Guntur” and “Korutla” in two different places. Am basically from Korutla and never visited “Guntur” yet.

4. Why “English” is mentioned twice, what is the “Regional” mean to be in the “Bill Language Preferences” drop down?

5. See how the “Submit” and “Cancel” buttons are displaying.
Hmmmmm, I spoke to the Customer Care Executive on all these issues. Do you know what the answers I received were?
Am Sorry Sir, we are not aware of them exactly…. 🙂

Problem exists from their end and still they want to irritate the customers stating that the details provided were not valid.

#2: After the above scenario I tried to buy a new mobile with the music edition. So after reviewing I just bought MotoYuva W230.

I and my group of acquaintances (6 in number) have bought the same mobile and especially the music system was awesome!

Those days I was always busy with Short Messaging System. Hours passed on and the problem started.

I was unable to send a message from my mobile; even I was unable to receive a message.

If one message is in my mobile Inbox and if I send a message, the same message in my Inbox is sent over.

You know the funny part here.
My Girl friend sent a message to me as “I miss YOU”.
I was sending a message to my Boss as “I will be on leave today”. You know what my Boss said next day when I met, she laughed at me and said “Yeah Sudhamshu I also missed you yesterday”.

I never understood why she said like that but later I explained her that it is the problem with the mobile and it is not my problem. Got a final answer after roaming all the support centers in Hyderabad

That is: The problem is with the software and it takes more time to update the software because it is the new version released in the market.

All of my friends are happy with their handsets not my friends only all other guys who are using MOTOROLA handsets, but why I only got this problem?

Again I searched for a good mobile and now I am not facing any issues with the present handset.

Don’t imagine that it is over when you sold your product to the client and please don’t add up the number of clients to your Database. Gaze at the number of issues/feedback your client has. 😮

Thanks for your time and please do let me know the suggestions/feedback.


Inconsistency – lacking the users consistently

Hi Friends,
My mission is to test the Rediff mail and here are my observations.

* What is “Mother’s Maiden Name” mean exactly? Does it mean “mother’s name before marriage”?

Check this screen shot

And this error message asks me to enter my “Mother’s Name”.
If the user wants to register the ID for Rediffmail, Do he/she need to enter “My Mother’s Name” or “Mother’s Maiden Name” or “Mother’s name before Marriage”?

* User can’t register if he/she born in 2010

User can’t get the email id if he/she born in 2010 and also a user who is of 100 years can get the email id.
And the users can register even he/she is below of 18 years. Hope this is the functionality but it is better if the application restricts, will be much better.

* Inconsistency in the naming conventions:

In the registration page it is mentioned as “Full Name” where as in the error message it is mentioned as “Name”. And the error message only states that “Name is invalid”, reason is no where mentioned of why it is invalid.

“Security Question” in the page and “hint question” in the error message

“Date of Birth” in the page and “birthday” in the error message.

“text” in the page and “Code” in the error message.

So friends, these all are my observations. Particularly my mission targeted the discrepancies in the fields and messages.
Users (like me :-)) don’t want to waste much time while registering.

Nowhere in the page declared of about the mandatory fields. It is enhanced to mention “All the fields are mandatory” on the apex of the registration form.
Nowhere in the page mentioned of about the field type,size. And moreover the errors will only display by clicking on “Create my account” at the bottom.

Disclaimer: All the thoughts/ideas were of my own. Not copied from anybody :-). And the issues raised here are not to criticize Rediff Mail.

Please provide your suggestions or feedback to me at

Thank you for your time friends.