Inconsistency – lacking the users consistently

Hi Friends,
My mission is to test the Rediff mail and here are my observations.

* What is “Mother’s Maiden Name” mean exactly? Does it mean “mother’s name before marriage”?

Check this screen shot

And this error message asks me to enter my “Mother’s Name”.
If the user wants to register the ID for Rediffmail, Do he/she need to enter “My Mother’s Name” or “Mother’s Maiden Name” or “Mother’s name before Marriage”?

* User can’t register if he/she born in 2010

User can’t get the email id if he/she born in 2010 and also a user who is of 100 years can get the email id.
And the users can register even he/she is below of 18 years. Hope this is the functionality but it is better if the application restricts, will be much better.

* Inconsistency in the naming conventions:

In the registration page it is mentioned as “Full Name” where as in the error message it is mentioned as “Name”. And the error message only states that “Name is invalid”, reason is no where mentioned of why it is invalid.

“Security Question” in the page and “hint question” in the error message

“Date of Birth” in the page and “birthday” in the error message.

“text” in the page and “Code” in the error message.

So friends, these all are my observations. Particularly my mission targeted the discrepancies in the fields and messages.
Users (like me :-)) don’t want to waste much time while registering.

Nowhere in the page declared of about the mandatory fields. It is enhanced to mention “All the fields are mandatory” on the apex of the registration form.
Nowhere in the page mentioned of about the field type,size. And moreover the errors will only display by clicking on “Create my account” at the bottom.

Disclaimer: All the thoughts/ideas were of my own. Not copied from anybody :-). And the issues raised here are not to criticize Rediff Mail.

Please provide your suggestions or feedback to me at

Thank you for your time friends.



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