Hyderabad Testers Meet-Up #1

Hi Friends,

I sense proud in saying “GOOD TESTER”. I am sure I would not have been where I am, without the support of you all, my fellow testers. So, how about we meeting once in a while to share our thoughts and learn from each other a lot more?

Here is what I am thinking about

1.Let us get together on any weekday once a month. Since most of us will be busy with family and other commitments during weekend.

Why don’t we kick start this good cause immediately this Wednesday, 25th August 2010?

2.Once we turn out to be a group, we can make a decision of the venue and appropriate time.

This time 8.00 PM IST @ COFFEE DAY, Somajiguda.is that fine?

3.I will organize every meet via email,to decide venue,time and topics well in advance

Please join with me for a good cause. Do let me know your opinions and ideas.

Thanks to Dhanasekar S, Santhosh Tuppad, Santhosh Shukla and many more for supporting me for this initiative.

Thank you

“ Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes….but no plans.”-Peter Drucker


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