Schedule for Hyderabad Testers Meet-Up #1

Hi Friends,

We are contented in forwarding you the invitation for Hyderabad tester meet-up #1 which is going to be held on August 25th, 2010.

What is the Tester Meet- up for?
It is a summit to share our thoughts and learn from each other a lot more. It is a platform where all can converse and can advance their skills and much more.

Agenda of the Meet-Up:

* Testers Introduction
* Discussion on Current Testing Trends
* Suggestions/Q&A
* Plan for the next meet-up

Wanna meet us, then come here Café Coffee Day, Ground Floor, VV Vintage Boulevard, Somajiguda by 0800 PM IST on this Wednesday.

No Registrations for the Meet-Up, everyone is invited.

Food & Drinks: Hope we are here to discuss/learn/share the views/thoughts. Still if you need them you can buy by spending from your own pocket 🙂

If you have any confusions or queries please call this guys 9177212543 | 9849314399

You can tweet your status @sudhamshu4u

Let your colleagues and friends be familiar with this meet-up. Do not drop this opportunity and good news for you is you will have this opportunity monthly as we conduct this meet-up every month.

I hope you would make it.

Newbies (Freshers) can also contribute in the meet-ups

Note: Please respond with an email to or send a Direct Message to any of the mobile numbers mentioned above.

Thankful to Santhosh , Dhanashekar and Parasuram for supporting me all the time.


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Am Sudhamshu, working as a Software Tester. Sudhamshu learns/reads/practices/explores/thinks of about a set/sequence of instructions with the aim/goal/objective to break the software.

11 thoughts on “Schedule for Hyderabad Testers Meet-Up #1”

  1. It would be good if the meet can be scheduled for weekend. In weekdays it would be difficult to attend.

  2. Thanks for your rejoin Sasmita.

    Yep it is slight wild in attending on the weekdays. We are setting up the next Meet-Ups in the weekends and they will be as per the fitting timings of all the participants.

    Please can you furnish me details, so that I can be in touch with you and drive across the mails regarding the further Meet-Ups?

    Can you attend the Meet-Up this instant? Please do let us know.


  3. Maybe post the event you would like to shoot some pictures and also publish the minutes and the value/benefits accrued so that people see it as value addition to attend and more will be interested in the future to attend.

  4. Hi Krishna,

    Actually the first meet-up got postponed because of the heavy rains here in Hyderabad.
    Surely we will furnish with the pics and the minutes once we meet again.

    Thanks for your support and interest.


  5. Hey, I missed the last meet. Sorry about that.
    For the next meet i will be the first person to be in.
    Dear All my sincere request to you all don’t neglect these kind of meets, they are help full in grow professionally, to share ideas, to solve problems many more…..

  6. Hey Rao thanks for your comments

    But we feel sorry in reaching you back. Last meet was postponed because of heavy rain.
    We are planning to schedule it in the second week of September.

    Can you please give me your complete details so that we can get back to you with the venue and schedule.

    Thank you once again in showing interest and the support from you


  7. Hi,

    I would like to participate in this event.Please let me know next meet up details.


  8. Hi Ravinder,
    Thanks for your visit to my blog.
    This 27th evening 7.00 PM IST, we are planning to meet with Pradeep Soundararajan and Dhanasekar S.
    Will let you know the venue and details shortly.


  9. Hi Sudhamshu,

    Am too Interested to Attend the Meeting please let me know the venue and details my id is

    Thanks ,

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