Test Ideas for Short Messaging System(SMS)

Thinking of Testing Ideas for 30 minutes,wow it is an exciting experience

50+ test ideas in 30 min for a *sms* application. 30 min exercise is very exhilarating.Please check the report below.

Hi Friends, after reading the Sharath’s blog post I got an idea to do an exercise with him, so mailed him regarding the Test Ideas based on SMS functionality. With in the short time I got a reply from him to start the mission.

Our mission started at 23:55 IST and schedule to end it by 00:25 IST.

These are our Test Ideas:

Types of Test techniques we used:
1.Functional Testing
2.Domain Testing
3.Concurrency Testing
4.Usability Testing
5.Performance Testing
6.Interoperability Testing
7.Supportability Testing
8.Localization Testing
9.Maintainability Testing

Functional tests:
1.Does the text editor open when clicked on compose?
2.Check if the sms is sent to the correct recipient?
3.Does the recipient receive the sms?
4.Is the recipient able to read the sms?
5.Does the keypad work on the text box?
6.Does the tone configured ring when a sms is received?
7.Does the Inbox display the correct number of sms received?
8.When is the delivered message displayed?
9.SMS which are sent successfully should not remain Outbox?
10.SMS which are sent successfully should be displayed in the sent items.
11.Does the SMS alert is same as the Profile activated?
12.Does it allow you to exit while sending SMS?
13.Does the sms received display the correct time stamp? Senders number/name?
14.Is the message sending at the specific time as per the schedule?
15.Does deleting a sms from inbox work?
16.Does forwarding a received sms work?

Domain tests:
17.What happens when an invalid telephone number like 1 digit is entered in the” To” field?
18.What happens when a number as big as 32 is entered in the “To” field?
19.What happens if the “To” field is left blank and the user try to send a sms?
20.How many characters can the compose text box handle?
21.What happens when the recipient mobile is switched off?
22.What happens when the recipient mobile is not reachable?
23.What happens when the recipient mobile memory is full?
24.What happens when the user sends a sms when his network is not reachable?
25.What happens if the battery goes dead when u r about to send a sms?
26.Does it give any message if we send a blank message?
27.Will the domain accept a thousand of SMS even if I don’t have SMS balance?
28.What if I change the Mobile Center number, does it still send the message or will I get an error message?

Concurrency tests:
29.What happens when the user is about to send a sms but receives a call?
30.What happens when the user receives a sms when he is about to send a sms?
31.What happens when 2 sms are received at the same time?
32.What happens when the user is listening to an audio file and a sms comes in?
33.What happens when the user is browsing over the internet and a sms comes in?
34.What happens when the user is on a call and receive a sms?
35.Does the tone ring as configured when a sms is received like silent/meeting/outdoor etc

Usability tests:
36.Is the sms icon easily accessible?
37.Is it easy to add a number from contacts list?
38.Is it easy to type in the text box? If it is a touch screen phone how easy is it to type the text?
39.Is it easy to delete/edit the text in the text field?
40.Is it easy to hold the cell phone while typing in the text box?
41.Is the text displayed on the text box readable in font size, font, color, background etc?
42.Is there an acknowledgment provided to the user in case of delivery successful, failed, deferred etc?
43.Does the receiver of the sms get a notification on his sms? And is it easy for him to open and read the sms?

Performance tests:
44.Have a script to send around 100 sms every 2 hours for 3 days?
45.How many messages can you send at a time, does your mobile works as accordingly?

Interoperability tests:
46.Can I send the sms to any network?
47.Can I send the sms to any state? Provided I have the plan enabled? If not what happens?
48.Can I send the sms to any country? Provided I have the plan enabled? If not what happens?
49.Can I send the sms to different handsets?
50.Can I send a sms from roaming?
Supportability tests:
51.Are sufficient logs/error messages provided in case of a sms delivery failure?

Localization tests:
52.Can the sms be localized to regional languages?

Maintainability tests:
53.How much battery is consumed if 100 sms is sent /received in an hour?
54.Claims based testing: Is the sms feature work as per the instructions in the help?
55.What happens when I open unsolicited messages (“SPAM”) as SMS?
56.If I send 1000 SMS what is the mobile charging capacity comparing to listening 2 hour songs?

Am really thankful to Sharath and Santhosh. Have you checked their Testing Ideas of “How to Test an Alarm Clock

You can mail me to sudhamshu.rao@gmail.com if you are interested in these exercises.

Thanks for your time…



Why nation want to do/learn testing?

*Because it is uncomplicated to do
*Because it doesn’t need a lot of knowledge
*Because the enormous skills are not needed
*Because with no trouble we can come into the IT industry
*Because we can benefit from a lot in the AC space
*Because we can snooze even in the office too
*Because we can be paid without doing anything

Hey these all are the views of many around us. Those who want to spoil the entire community.

Don’t you believe me?
Do you want the proofs of my statements?

Then here you go
Two months back I met a B Tech Fresher (BF), passed out in 2009.

BF: Came to me and asked what should I learn to get a job in IT Industry?
Me: I can’t say learn this and that because I don’t know how it suits your career. It is up to you to plan your career; we are here only to suggest/support you.

BF: Am planning to learn TESTING
Me: WHY?

BF: I asked my brother, he is working as PHP developer. He said that PHP is very hard to implement and he works for 8 to 10 hours regularly. So I thought of learning TESTING.
Me: Okay

BF: Also I met one JAVA Developer and he said that JAVA is much complicated than PHP. So I decided to learn TESTING
Me: Okay

BF: I even met some testers . They asked me to learn TESTING. And after I learn they are ready to give me some job offers too.
Me: Then go ahead but I have a doubt

BF: What it is?
Me: You have inquired all the brilliant people in the IT Industry, then why you again need my suggestions.
BF: Hope you also may show me some offers
Me: 🙂

And you know from where I got the above mentioned synonyms of TESTING, from those intellectual testers who recommended this boy to learn TESTING.

Two, three and four months passed away, the boy is still in search of a job on TESTING.
He came online and asked me for a job in my company.

Check the conversation here
Me: Can u say me what is testing as per u?
BF: We find out defects and we have to send defects to developers, we have to write test cases

Me: What if you don’t find any defects?
Does it mean u r not testing?
Why every time the developers save your job by putting their job in behind?
BF: I tried my level best to find defects. If there are no defects simply v check and send………It’s not like that…..
BF: After checking the developers, test engineer once again check those applications

Me: Do u have any ideas, techniques to find defects?
BF: Techniques means black box testing and white box testing

Me: Please don’t misunderstand if I want to correct u
Can u say the definition of testing, my first question means that?
BF: Defects are identified and send those defects for rectification, finally we get quality product

Me: Testing is not only finding bugs, it means a lot more than that.
Me: Why Testing is important?
BF: To get customer satisfaction

Me: Do u know one thing, the person who will not have any satisfaction – is a customer. Then how can u satisfy him completely with your testing?
BF: But he should have some requirements right? If we full fill then they will satisfy

Me: Oh My God, it went up like this for an hour

BF: Shall I search the job with a fake experience?
Me: Sorry, I don’t encourage it. But why you want to go with a fake experience?

BF: Because am not getting the job and my friends who applied with a fake experience has got jobs.
Me: Am sorry again, I hate fake TESTERS

Me: Where did you learn Testing?
BF: In an institute in Hyderabad. I know QTP, Manual and QC but don’t have a real time experience.

Me: Have you read any books related to Testing? (Pradeep once asked me this question, and then I started to read some books on Testing)
BF: No

Me: Have you tested something after you learn Testing?
BF: No

Me: You wanna start a hospital without practicing after MBBS
My goodness I am not the patient who came to you 🙂
BF: Can you help me to get a job?

Me: Sure, will you do as I say?
BF: Yeah sure I will do as you say.

Me: Open the Notepad, test it for 10 minutes and ping me back with your points.
BF: What should I say after 10 minutes?

Me: What you tested and what you observed.
BF: Have you tested it earlier, can you give me some ideas of how to test it.

Me: Sure my dear friend. Go and join the Testing course once again. But this time after your classes, be online. I will teach you.
BF: Okay

It was an extensive back this conversation happened. I don’t recognize what this guy doing these days.

Many of us say that Politics and Politicians are corrupted. But how many of them are corrupted? Should we treat all the Politicians as Corrupted?

Same applies to our community. Thank god still our community has not got those names. But if the so called testers (mentioned above) misguide the Newbies, one fine day we will be treated the same.

Am sorry, if I impair any of the testers in our own community. And thankfulness for reading my post.
Please give your valuable suggestions and views.