What made me to win the Testing Contest

Hey Folks,

It is my contentment to let everybody know that I have won my first ever Testing contest. First and foremost, I should thank Mr. Santhosh Tuppad for ringing a bell to aware me of this contest. Also thanks to Mr. Praveen (one of the founders of 99tests.com), Mrs. Parimala and Mr. Bharath (co-Participant and winner of the contest)

My participation was a big learning experience. I had a time of my life, competing with each other but we have competed in raising the defects to make the product a bug free.

WOW!! Can I test in this way…. WOW!! This is awesome way of testing…. WOW!! Why I missed this scenario…

A lot of WOW!!S like this which made me a Sane Tester

How Sudhamshu transmitted from Insane to Sane Tester?

2007’ June 13th was my first representative day as an Insane Tester for an Organization. Where am I today?

Learnt a lot, met a lot of wholehearted personalities of Testing, read books, wrote blogs, tested numerous applications.

Many of my contemporaries/friends/peers ask me,

“Why you are always available in GTalk?”, “Why you always open Twitter?”, “When you work?”

Three years earlier, I was not having any answers for this, but today I have answers for all this and also for many other questions.

As a tester I get support from many of the testers like Pradeep, Ajay, Parimala, Dhana, Santhosh, Sharath, Manoj and a big catalog of testers who offered their much valuable support whenever i needed. That is why I will be always available in GTalk. Hope I can also be cooperative to some other testers.

As a tester, Twitter helped me a lot to be trained from the fellow tester tweets. That is why I always open Twitter and also I tweet my practices/skills too.

I don’t calendar for working because I can’t say this is not the accurate/exact time to work.

What I learnt from the Contest?

What is Bug Advocacy, does really my bugs are explicable / understandable?

What is Security Testing?

How can we think of ‘something different!!!’?

A lot of scenarios like these.

www.99tests.com is a great platform for all the testers, where they can learn a lot of about testing the application and also can earn the prize money.

If you haven’t heard of about www.99tests.com, click on this link and register for the next contest.

Let us meet in the participation of the next contest.

Thanks to you all for spending your valuable time in reading this post.

Sudhamshu Ailineni || Sane Tester || Gmail: sudhamshu.rao@gmail.com || Twitter: sudhamshu4u


4 thoughts on “What made me to win the Testing Contest

  1. First let me Congrats for winning the contest.
    Yes, twitter,blogs and IMs play very vital role in networking with fellow testers and learn from each other.
    Hope you do learn a lot and contribute back to the community.
    All the best
    -Dhanasekar S

  2. Thanks for your comments Dhana……

    Always some lines from you inspires me to learn something.
    Sure whatever I learned from you all , I will contribute to the newbies.


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