Mug, Jug & Testing

———————————————–Beginning of the Story————————————————————–

Mug, Jug & Testing

Mug….: A mug is a sturdily built type of cup often used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Mugs, by definition, have handles and often hold a larger amount of fluid than other types of cup. Usually a mug holds approximately 12 fluid ounces (350 ml) of liquid; double a tea cup.

Jug….: Jug (container), a vessel for liquids

How Mug and Jug are connected to Testing?

Here the Mug and Jug are not the identical which you find in the Wikipedia definitions (as mentioned above)

Mug and Jug were the twins, born a long back. They both encompass the resemblances in various aspects like looks, behavior, attitude, performance and a many more.

After completion of their Graduation, they joined an Organization as Testers. In the initial stages they both looked same in the performance. Later Jug got to do extremely well in something because of the environment around him. Mug remained same

After 4 years……………..

Mug is still working in the same Organization with the unchanged skills.
Jug changed the company, got promoted as Senior Tester, won more than a few online testing competitions and became a identified tester in his ambiances.

Why Mug is in the same stage?

Mug: “Mug” – as mentioned above it can hold only a limited amount of liquid. What happens if it tries to handle more amount of liquid?

Mug hasn’t asked this question himself

But Jug got a chance to deepen the skills, chance to meet up a lot of people all over the world, chance to contribute in testing exercises.

———————————————End of the Story————————————————————————

Friends think of the Mug and Jug, how many of you are still the Mugs and how many of you altered as Jugs

Sudhamshu Ailineni was a Mug when he started the career 4 years back. He remained as Mug till two years from his joining as a Tester.

Now he is self-important to say that he has transformed as Jug

My Experiences:

1. When I started blogging, I thought of about only “Google adsense”, plagiarized many articles from the fellow testers to my blog. It went up well till 3 or 4 months of my journey as a blogger.

A mail from Pradeep Soundararajan regarding his posts which were in my blog, changed my attitude of *Copy* and *Paste* – Thanks Pradeep

2. Write the Test Cases from the Requirements; execute them and raise the defects. This is what the Testing is, which I thought until I participated in the Weekend Testing Session. With Ajay Balamurugadas, Sharath Byregowda, Parimala Shankaraiah, I realized that I am in the false state of Testing. – Thanks to you all

3.  Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad, Dhansekar S – Always I used to get back to these guys whenever I feel inconvenient / I have some problem/doubt. They are open to me whenever I ping them or call them. – Thanks to you

4.  Standing and collecting a gift/prize/achievement in front of 200+ audience/spectators was a great feeling for me. This made me to repeat it every time. Thanks to Bug debug team, Bharath and Praveen of

5. Practicing and learning a lot of various tools which I can use for ease of my work. Frequently blogging my experiences

6.  I habituated to read at least one or two lessons from “Lessons Learned from Software Testing”

A lot more experiences in transforming as a Jug. I never originated such a grand humans in other communities, if you want to get help/support/clarifications; they (We) all are available whenever you have problems/queries

Some points for Newbies and Mugs from my end:

  1. Try to spend time with the seniors in your field. Learn something from them
  2. Participate in the Meet Ups organized by the Testers in your city. Or if interested can travel to some other cities
  3. Read the Testing books like “Lessons learned in Software Testing” and “ Testing Computer Software”
  4. Read the blogs of different Testers world wide
  5. Participate in the Weekend Testing and Week Night Testing sessions
  6. Participate in the Online Testing Competitions like and
  7. Spend a hour or two other than your professional testing and practice testing
  8. Participate in the Software Testing Conferences. They give you a chance to meet a lot of testers and to learn a lot from them

Hopefully, I expect one or two Mugs to be converted as Jugs after reading a post by a JUG.

* Disclaimer:  The Mug and Jug are not projected personally; my state of sensitivity is not to hurt any individual. If I do say, please regret me for not converting yourself in to Jug.

Thanks for reading!!

Sudhamshu Ailineni
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