Where I would be if I managed my TIME?


A few years reverse when I was in 10th standard…. I was very poor at Sin, Cos, Cosec etc. I got not as much of as half of the pass marks in Trigonometry (18/50)

Be unsure…. I got 80 out of 100 in the final exam. I haven’t intended accordingly to get those marks. All is what I attained because the *practice* I did.

Now when I suppose why I was not able to score 100/100, it is because I have not accustomed and worked for that reason with the TIME

My Conclusion: Practice + Time Management = Remarkable results

A few months back when I was testing an application at 99tests.com, I was at the very last position. This was been my opening contest for this community.

Marvel…. After a week I was in the top 5. Here the *hard work* played a significant role.
Why I was not at the top 1? Another time I missed out to supervise my time accordingly

My Conclusion: Hard Work + Time Management = Exceptional results
Where am now – I am going ahead in performing testing with a lot of hard work, but this time I am preparing and maintaining my time for that reason.

Meeting more individuals from the testing groups, discussing with them and planning my schedule accordingly to learn new skills – day by day

I am helping my team mates and friends in Testing via a group – lucky to say that am the moderator for that group – Hyderabad Testers Group

A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life. – Charles Darwin.

P.S: Do you think that you have wasted your 5 minutes in reading my management skills? Oh yes, please do add the comments?

Want to say *No*? The question which is picked as the title for this post – is for you my dear friends. Please do add your valuable comments……


Thanks in Advance!!

Warm Regards,
Sudhamshu Ailineni ||
My blog: Sane Tester || Twitter: sudhamshu4u
Email :sudhamshu.rao@gmail.com || Contact: +918686272711


*WOW* congrats to Hyderabad Testers Group for the First Half CenturyJ, We are *50* and we are growing as a group. If you are a *Tester* and if you want to contribute/share/express your ideas and experiences why can’t you also join us. Here is the link – http://groups.google.com/group/hyderabadtesters




7 thoughts on “Where I would be if I managed my TIME?

  1. Thank you Krishnaveni, for spending your valuable time in commenting.
    Hope it also helps/motivates some newbies in TESTING and other fields…


  2. Nice post. Thanks god you did not bore me with usual time management techniques. You shared ur real life exp which added value to this post.

    “Sharpen your axe” is what we need to do always.
    So we should work hard “SMARTLY” to achieve exceptional results. This is my view buddy.

    All the best for the Hyd Testing Group to reach centuries and tons.

  3. *“Sharpen your axe” is what we need to do always.
    So we should work hard “SMARTLY” to achieve exceptional results. This is my view buddy.

    Thanks Vinoth for your views and valuable comments. Also not feeling bore in reading my experiences 🙂


  4. Hi Sir,
    Thanks for your valuable comments.Please keep sharing your experience’s with us.

  5. Thanks for your valuable comments Jayesh….. I always get encourage by seeing these comments
    BTW Jayesh, do you blog your experiences too?


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