Pearls of the Software Testing – I

Friends, it is my contentment to write this blog post. This post says the whole thing about Testing Contests and contestants

Recently I have not bumped into such a magnificent and astonishing contest Hale and hearty competition between the contestants and their bugs.

This post is to all who says “Testing is a monotones job”; see the bugs and fervor by the testers.

I joined a contest to test a Web Application and report the bugs. I was the 29th tester to join the competition.  Later on the count increased to 40…..

As like all the competitions this time I did not do the identical thing. Started to view the bugs raised by other testers.

The contest started with the first bug which says as: Spelling mistake in a URL – It is spelled as “Singnin.php” in the URL

I have not considered of this Test idea when I was testing the Web Applications. Even it is not a Sev1 bug but it showed the significance of the spell mistakes

And also the contest ended with a grammatical mistake bug…..

In between the first and the last bug, I come across wonderful test ideas which produced 284 bugs in a span of three days by more than 18 testers.

From the recent days, I have been conversing with some high-quality and excited testers all over the GLOBE. And in this contest I enjoyed being one of the contestants.

Why this is a grand contest and what energized me?
Why I did not get these ideas and also what I would made if I get these ideas?

Maximum ticket quantity: not validating for 4 digit number – Good bug by Deepak. It is not a critical bug but I loved his way of reporting it. What if I had got this idea?

I would have been used Web developer add on to check whether the server side validations have been done or not. Like increasing the field length and adding higher values for ticket quantity.

Upload a contact Excel file permanently failed – Bug by Vinothkumar B. Loved his investigation skills and the idea behind this bug.
I would have been tested with other file formats and checked the performance and behavior.

Script Error on the ‘Jobs’ page – I noted down this test idea of enabling the script errors in Internet Explorer browser. I will be exploring more on what type of script errors it is populating and the reason behind it. Thanks Krishnaveni

 Some more bugs from which I have learnt test ideas:

 Missing blinking cursor on many pages: Usability test idea by Ajay
Email Address Validation wrong in Organizer registration page: Email format standards by Vinothkumar B. But I did not understand why this marked as LOW
XSS Attack possible through events: Security testing idea by Aslam Shaikh

I have no idea of marking which the best bug is; I suspect all are most valuable bugs in their perspectives. All the bugs made a value to the Customer.

Few nuggets of the competition:

Jahira Banu, I am observing her from a year and I always wanted to be glad about her service to the Testing World. She energetically participates in Chennai Testing Groups with her posts. She has filed 62 bugs in this competition and made a remarkable support to the Web application and

Always I feel massive cheerful when I want to say about Krishnaveni. As the world already knows about her testing skills and enthusiasm. It is always been a great time to work with her.

One more newbie who started his profession a few months back, Deepak. Participating actively and filing very practical and vital bugs.

Aslam Shaikh, I am seeing this folk for the first time in 99tests. But made a remarkable gesture by filing some of the security bugs.

There is a lot to say about the testers who are participating actively and filing the bugs which are making the customers work easy.

I thank Praveen Singh for giving me this occasion. And congrats to the winners and wishes to all the participants.

I wish I get more chances to participate in these contests to enrich my skills… Thanks to all who supported me and who energized me….