Selenium – My Learning’s – Part ONE

Selenium is a tool which I’m using for automating the web applications. For example my testing has to create several users with different data, every time it takes a few minutes for creating a User manually; hence I automate this process to test. (It helps me to test faster)

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (aka) Selenium IDE – It is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox (I am using 1.7.2 version of Selenium IDE). Download it and restart your Firefox browser to start using.

My first script for record and play:

  1. Open
  2. Search for “Sudhamshu Ailineni”
  3. Click on the first link from the search results

The IDE window looks like this after recording the above steps:
The Red icon in the below screenshot is used for recording the script and the blue arrow icon is used for playing the script (Do you want me to put screenshots for these?)

I have ran the script and got the following results

Error – Link not found.
Why it is throwing this error?
It was fine while recording; now I started my exploration on this and expected that it should be clickAndWait but not click.

In my script, the fourth command

Command Target Value
click id=gbqfb

Here “id=gbqfb” is searching for “Sudhamshu Ailineni”, but before the page loads it is again searching for the first link available in the page.
So, I changed my script as follows:

I changed the command from “click” to “clickAndWait” and found that it is getting timed out after 30000ms. Because, two “clickAndWait” commands one by one.

So, I changed the command back to “click” and added a “pause” command (As shown in the screenshot below) and it got worked.

It was my first learning about Selenium. Now, after recording this scenario I am asserting and verifying with more commands, I will share them in the next post.

Hope, my learning might be a help to the beginners who are planning to learn Selenium.

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Happy Learning – Happy Testing



6 thoughts on “Selenium – My Learning’s – Part ONE

  1. thank u for valuable information, i am a beginner in software testing and interested in learning selenium, looking forward for your next post.

  2. Thank you, Sudhamshu.

    I’ve done a lot of searches for help in learning Selenium and yours is one of the best and easiest I’ve come across. Good job! I am very much looking forward to your other posts and learning Selenium along with you. I am a Software Tester as well in Boulder, Colorado (USA).



  3. Thank you Charles, for following my posts. It is been my honor to learn along with you.
    Surely I take sometime and post my learning’s.


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