About Sudhamshu

* Sudhamshu is a Sane Tester! (A Good Tester), came to know this from most of the developers 🙂
*Ill-advised by many testers around me of about Software Testing is nothing but simple to do and effortless way to take home money
*My first bug prepared me to learn a lot and then I am/was in exploration of a “Guide/Teacher/Friend/Real Tester” who can make me to grow to be a “Good Tester”
* Am contented to say that I am a follower of many versatile/superior/skilled/masters of testing. You can see all of them in my Blog roll



My Achievements:

1. Won the 99tests.com Testing Contests several times
2. Promoted to support,help the newbie testers
3.  Working closely with a lot of enthusiast Testers all over the world
4. Active participant of Weekend Testing
5. Educating the innocent testers and also the testers who have practice of years but not the familiarity in testing.

Keep visiting my blog, hope I can furnish you the good stuff of all my experiences…. 🙂

Thanks for your valuable time and the comments!!

Sudhamshu Ailineni
– A Sane Tester

Gmail:sudhamshu.rao || Twitter: Sudhamshu4u


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