Test Heuristics for Firefox browser features

Test heuristics of Firefox browser features  Version: Firefox 28.0




Test Heuristics of Chrome browser features


It is been a long time since I posted something here. Recently, while I am testing a product using various browsers, I found these ideas which need to be considered.

Here are my ideas, please let me know your ideas through comments. Will be posting the heuristics for other browsers, shortly.

Test heuristics of Chrome browser features  Version: Chrome 33.0.1750.152


Exploration Explored and Investigation Investigated

While I was testing an application few months back, I wondered of how to test it. I was not having any documents to read about it, no scenarios which explains me how to test. Also I did not have much time, I need to complete the testing in a week days (I might not *completely* test anything, but as per the metrics and the management, the deadline was a week days)

Then I prepared myself to test it via Exploratory Testing. Between before I continue with my post let us discuss what Exploratory Testing is

Wikipedia says it is an approach to software testing that is concisely described as simultaneous learning, test design and test execution. Let me share the resources which I referred at the end of this post.

Last year I visited Chennai to attend a testing conference, and this is my first visit to Chennai in my life time. After completing the conference I have to get my bus to come back to Hyderabad. I was in a situation where I even did not know where to go to catch the bus (I know to go Bus stop but not sure of how to go).

So my problems were: Reaching Bus Stop, catching bus to go back, if time permits a glass of beer and good food. No idea of how to move forward, but have to move (indeed this is how we work)

By that time, I followed my mind and heart to achieve this; also I hope that it happened to me because I am an Exploratory Tester. I mind mapped the approaches, ways, and ideas of searching/exploring. Here it is



The reason I said about alcohol is, most of you might not be the alcoholics, most of you might not go the restaurants to have alcohol, most of you only visit veg restaurants and some of you are alcoholics

This applies the same to the application we are testing, most of you might not test the web applications, most of you might not use the same tools to test the web applications, most of you do not automate the web applications and some of you test the web applications.

So, do not ever bother about the documents available for you to understand the application you are testing, explore it and understand.

P.S: The reason I put my title as “Exploration Explored and Investigation Investigated”, before writing this post, I investigated a lot about the testers who write about Exploration. As said earlier, I am posting the links which I referred, hope they help you to understand “Exploratory Testing” better.


http://bit.ly/86cE0o – A must read and follow



http://bit.ly/RqYHUF – See the comments




Note: If you really do not like about alcohol in this post, you can insert your own idea *smiles*

Thanks for your time sharing here, please put your comments or compliments to make me more active to write my experiences.

God Bless you all,
Happy Testing!!

Lessons Learnt from Ajay’s second class – Mindmap

In the next class we learnt about mindmapping. Oh you don’t know about mindmapping, it is a pictorial view of the scenarios to be tested.

We can draw the maps for test procedures, test cases, test scenarios, test strategies and whatever you think about testing and others.

Here is my first Mindmap; it shows you some of my ideas about testing SMS (Short Messaging System) in mobile.



I am still exploring more about Mindmaps and want to implement it where ever I want to demonstrate something.

I specially thank to Dhanasekar for such a wonderful Mindmaps.

Happy Learning – Happy Mindmapping


Lessons Learnt from Ajay’s First Class

Friends, I am glad to say that I enrolled for Ajay Balamurugadas’s free online testing course and here I am posting my learning from the First Class.

We started our session @ 10.00 PM IST and it went till 11.30. All the attendees are on Skype and we started exchanging our ideas about Skype. Then started the session of about testing and learning about Skype

Here are the topics I learnt from the First Class

  1. Features of Skype (Edit and Remove the text entered)
  2. “File Sending Failed” issue
  3. Usage of screenshots
  4. Questioning & Analyzing
  5. Usage of Mindmaps
  6. Environmental issues

Features of the Skype:

From Ajay’s online testing course, I learnt different features of Skype. I was using it from quite a few months but not aware of all the features. This is the first learning in the course.


One of the participants of the course is not able to edit the text which is entered by him, then my mind has a lot many questions; also the others to shoot. Questions like

*What the other options displaying then?

* Are you trying to edit the text which is been typed by you?

By questioning vividly we found more and more ways to analyze the problem. The following are the way’s we thought to solve the problem

We have two students in the course with the same name – Rajesh and Rajesh.P.  We thought “Rajesh” is trying to edit the “Rajesh.P” text – Asked this question, but not. He is trying to edit his own content

Rajesh was testing this feature from IPad and it seems there is an issue with it. Ajay and Gagan want to investigate more on this and hope they put their findings in the next clas


What if Rajesh could have been taken a screenshot of it and shared, it would have been made easy to solve the problem.

Hence I learnt from this course is, take a screenshot for all the scenarios when you see something different or which might not reproduce again all the time.

What I did here is, taken the screenshot of the options to edit and share with the course mates.

 “File Sending Failed”

After I sent the screenshot of the problem, all the course mates were not able to receive; most of them faced “Sending Failed” issue.

Ajay has given sometime to Google for the problem to find the root-cause of it. He asked to note down the points which we observe it in notepad later to share it in the class.

Here are some of the Questions asked for “Sending Failed” problem.

*Might be the person who is sending the file stopped before the receiver accepts it

*Might be the person deleted the file from the path where it is been sending

* It might be a Firewall which is stopping the file to receive

*It might be a version problem, the version the users are using are not same

*Might be the wrong configurations in the Skype settings

*Might the user is not in your contact list

* It might be because of a network problem


While we are searching for the root-causes Ajay has developed a Mindmap image and shared with us. Most of the attendees perplexed about how Ajay developed in it a short time.

As I am familiar using it, I was not a bit confused, and here is my own Mindmap of “Sending Failed” scenario

I generally use Free Mind to design the maps, here is my mindmap of “Sending Failed” scenario


Selenium – My Learning’s – XPath

XPath: XPath, the XML Path Language, is a query language for selecting nodes from an XML document. In addition, XPath may be used to compute values (e.g., strings, numbers, or Boolean values) from the content of an XML document. XPath was defined by the World Wide Web Consortium. (Wikipedia)

I recorded one script now and here are the steps:

  1. Open www.flipkart.com
  2. Search for “Software Testing” books
  3. Click on the first search result (link)

The above script looks like – 

After running the above script I did not come across any errors, now I want to search for “Selenium Testing” and want to click on the first search result

Modified script looks like – 

Did you observe that, I have not changed the last line of the script, which says clickAndWait a link? Okay, let me run the script and see the result.

Wow!! It got PASSED without any errors. How it is possible? It is not pointing to the link name, whereas it is pointing to the Path of the link.

Then what we need to modify to make this script working. Add the Xpath of the link in the script. To find the Xpath I used Firebug add-on of Firefox (You can also use XPather add-on). Then I changed the script with Xpath (It looks like)

And yes, now my script is working as intended.

Do you have any other examples for Xpath, please do share with me.

Happy Learning – Happy Testing



Selenium – My Learning’s – Part THREE

Hello Readers,

This time I was just thinking of learning commands by not recording them, but typing manually into Selenium IDE window. I thought this course might help me to learn additional about commands.

Started typing all the commands which I am familiar with (As said in previous two posts)

Wanted to open Google.co.in – Added the link to “Base URL” as shown


What if I run, will it open Google.co.in? No, because I have not mentioned a command to open it. I just mentioned what to open.

After searching for some examples, I found this http://www.qaplanet.in/Selenium-Handbook-by-qaplanet.in.pdf useful. Thanks for the author for helping with testing exercises.

Note: I changed the steps into my own process.

First Exercise:

• Open (www.google.com)

• Type “Sudhamshu Ailineni” in the Google Search Input Box

• Click Search Button

• Verify the Text Present as “Sudhamshu Ailineni”

• Assert the Title as “Sudhamshu Ailineni – India|Linkendin”


open /
type id=lst-ib Sudhamshu Ailineni
click name=btnK
verifyTextPresent Search
pause 1000
verifyTextPresent Sudhamshu Ailineni
assertTitle Sudhamshu Ailineni – Google Search


Why I did add a “pause” command at line 5, because “Sudhamshu Ailineni” text takes some time to load and if I have not been added that command, it will through an error message as “False”.


Second Exercise:

  1. Open Firefox Web Browser
  2. In the address bar, Type http://www.yahoo.com
  3. In the search input button, Type “Sudhamshu Ailineni”
  4. Click on the “Web Search” submit button
  5. Wait for Search Results to come on “http:/search.yahoo.com”
  6. Verify “Sudhamshu Ailineni” text is present anywhere in the search results: (Select and highlight anywhere in the search results page, “energy efficient” text is present.)


open /?p=us
pause 1000
type id=p_13838465-p Sudhamshu Ailineni
clickAndWait id=search-submit
verifyTextPresent Sudhamshu Ailineni | LinkedIn


You can observe that, it is opening that “/?p=us”, what does it mean? What happens if I change this to “/”. Let me change and see the results. It is not finding the target of the application and getting timed out after 30000 ms J


Third Exercise: 

  1. File à New Test Case (Make Selenium IDE in Record Mode)
  2. Open http://www.ge.com
  3. Go all the way down, click on the “Contact Information” link
  4. Click on “Feedback & Inquiries” link
  5. Consumer/Other (Leave the default option)
  6. Select a Subject (Other)
  7. Select a Country (India)
  8. Email (type test@test.com)
  9. Comments or Questions (type Test Comments)
  10. Submit (click once)
  11. In the result page, highlight “Thank you for taking the time to contact GE”
  12. Right Click and Select waitForTextPresent “Thank you for taking the time to contact GE”
  13. Highlight “Feel free to continue browsing.”
  14. Right Click and Select VerifyTextPresent “Feel free to continue browsing.”
  15. Right Click on “GE.com Home Page” link and Select verifyElementPresent “link=GE.com Home Page”


open /
clickAndWait link=Contact Information
pause 500
clickAndWait link=Feedback & Inquiries
waitForTextPresent Subject (Mandatory)
select id=contact_subject label=Other
select id=contact_country label=India
type id=contact_email test@test.com
type id=contact_comments Test Comments
clickAndWait id=submit_button
waitForTextPresent Thank you for taking the time to contact GE
verifyTextPresent Feel free to continue browsing.
verifyElementPresent link=GE.com Home Page


I am in hunt of finding more exercises; if you have something then please share with me, let us automate them using Selenium IDE.

P.S: I will write more on Locating Elements, Useful Selenium Add- Ons and much more after my exploration and learning


Happy Learning – Happy Testing