Test Heuristics for Firefox browser features

Test heuristics of Firefox browser features  Version: Firefox 28.0




Test Heuristics of Chrome browser features


It is been a long time since I posted something here. Recently, while I am testing a product using various browsers, I found these ideas which need to be considered.

Here are my ideas, please let me know your ideas through comments. Will be posting the heuristics for other browsers, shortly.

Test heuristics of Chrome browser features  Version: Chrome 33.0.1750.152


Exploration Explored and Investigation Investigated

While I was testing an application few months back, I wondered of how to test it. I was not having any documents to read about it, no scenarios which explains me how to test. Also I did not have much time, I need to complete the testing in a week days (I might not *completely* test anything, but as per the metrics and the management, the deadline was a week days)

Then I prepared myself to test it via Exploratory Testing. Between before I continue with my post let us discuss what Exploratory Testing is

Wikipedia says it is an approach to software testing that is concisely described as simultaneous learning, test design and test execution. Let me share the resources which I referred at the end of this post.

Last year I visited Chennai to attend a testing conference, and this is my first visit to Chennai in my life time. After completing the conference I have to get my bus to come back to Hyderabad. I was in a situation where I even did not know where to go to catch the bus (I know to go Bus stop but not sure of how to go).

So my problems were: Reaching Bus Stop, catching bus to go back, if time permits a glass of beer and good food. No idea of how to move forward, but have to move (indeed this is how we work)

By that time, I followed my mind and heart to achieve this; also I hope that it happened to me because I am an Exploratory Tester. I mind mapped the approaches, ways, and ideas of searching/exploring. Here it is



The reason I said about alcohol is, most of you might not be the alcoholics, most of you might not go the restaurants to have alcohol, most of you only visit veg restaurants and some of you are alcoholics

This applies the same to the application we are testing, most of you might not test the web applications, most of you might not use the same tools to test the web applications, most of you do not automate the web applications and some of you test the web applications.

So, do not ever bother about the documents available for you to understand the application you are testing, explore it and understand.

P.S: The reason I put my title as “Exploration Explored and Investigation Investigated”, before writing this post, I investigated a lot about the testers who write about Exploration. As said earlier, I am posting the links which I referred, hope they help you to understand “Exploratory Testing” better.


http://bit.ly/86cE0o – A must read and follow



http://bit.ly/RqYHUF – See the comments




Note: If you really do not like about alcohol in this post, you can insert your own idea *smiles*

Thanks for your time sharing here, please put your comments or compliments to make me more active to write my experiences.

God Bless you all,
Happy Testing!!

Lessons Learnt from Ajay’s second class – Mindmap

In the next class we learnt about mindmapping. Oh you don’t know about mindmapping, it is a pictorial view of the scenarios to be tested.

We can draw the maps for test procedures, test cases, test scenarios, test strategies and whatever you think about testing and others.

Here is my first Mindmap; it shows you some of my ideas about testing SMS (Short Messaging System) in mobile.



I am still exploring more about Mindmaps and want to implement it where ever I want to demonstrate something.

I specially thank to Dhanasekar for such a wonderful Mindmaps.

Happy Learning – Happy Mindmapping


Selenium – My Learning’s – Part ONE

Selenium is a tool which I’m using for automating the web applications. For example my testing has to create several users with different data, every time it takes a few minutes for creating a User manually; hence I automate this process to test. (It helps me to test faster)

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (aka) Selenium IDE – It is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox (I am using 1.7.2 version of Selenium IDE). Download it and restart your Firefox browser to start using.

My first script for record and play:

  1. Open Google.co.in
  2. Search for “Sudhamshu Ailineni”
  3. Click on the first link from the search results

The IDE window looks like this after recording the above steps:
The Red icon in the below screenshot is used for recording the script and the blue arrow icon is used for playing the script (Do you want me to put screenshots for these?)

I have ran the script and got the following results

Error – Link not found.
Why it is throwing this error?
It was fine while recording; now I started my exploration on this and expected that it should be clickAndWait but not click.

In my script, the fourth command

Command Target Value
click id=gbqfb

Here “id=gbqfb” is searching for “Sudhamshu Ailineni”, but before the page loads it is again searching for the first link available in the page.
So, I changed my script as follows:

I changed the command from “click” to “clickAndWait” and found that it is getting timed out after 30000ms. Because, two “clickAndWait” commands one by one.

So, I changed the command back to “click” and added a “pause” command (As shown in the screenshot below) and it got worked.

It was my first learning about Selenium. Now, after recording this scenario I am asserting and verifying with more commands, I will share them in the next post.

Hope, my learning might be a help to the beginners who are planning to learn Selenium.

Further Reading:

Selenium – Web Browser Automation
Selenium IDE Plugins
Downloads – Selenium
Selenium (software) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Selenium tutorials for beginners/newbie
Selenium Tutorial for Beginner/Tips for Experts
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Selenium Documentation

Happy Learning – Happy Testing


Pearls of the Software Testing – I

Friends, it is my contentment to write this blog post. This post says the whole thing about Testing Contests and contestants

Recently I have not bumped into such a magnificent and astonishing contest @99tests.com. Hale and hearty competition between the contestants and their bugs.

This post is to all who says “Testing is a monotones job”; see the bugs and fervor by the testers.

I joined a contest to test a Web Application and report the bugs. I was the 29th tester to join the competition.  Later on the count increased to 40…..

As like all the competitions this time I did not do the identical thing. Started to view the bugs raised by other testers.

The contest started with the first bug which says as: Spelling mistake in a URL – It is spelled as “Singnin.php” in the URL

I have not considered of this Test idea when I was testing the Web Applications. Even it is not a Sev1 bug but it showed the significance of the spell mistakes

And also the contest ended with a grammatical mistake bug…..

In between the first and the last bug, I come across wonderful test ideas which produced 284 bugs in a span of three days by more than 18 testers.

From the recent days, I have been conversing with some high-quality and excited testers all over the GLOBE. And in this contest I enjoyed being one of the contestants.

Why this is a grand contest and what energized me?
Why I did not get these ideas and also what I would made if I get these ideas?

Maximum ticket quantity: not validating for 4 digit number – Good bug by Deepak. It is not a critical bug but I loved his way of reporting it. What if I had got this idea?

I would have been used Web developer add on to check whether the server side validations have been done or not. Like increasing the field length and adding higher values for ticket quantity.

Upload a contact Excel file permanently failed – Bug by Vinothkumar B. Loved his investigation skills and the idea behind this bug.
I would have been tested with other file formats and checked the performance and behavior.

Script Error on the ‘Jobs’ page – I noted down this test idea of enabling the script errors in Internet Explorer browser. I will be exploring more on what type of script errors it is populating and the reason behind it. Thanks Krishnaveni

 Some more bugs from which I have learnt test ideas:

 Missing blinking cursor on many pages: Usability test idea by Ajay
Email Address Validation wrong in Organizer registration page: Email format standards by Vinothkumar B. But I did not understand why this marked as LOW
XSS Attack possible through events: Security testing idea by Aslam Shaikh

I have no idea of marking which the best bug is; I suspect all are most valuable bugs in their perspectives. All the bugs made a value to the Customer.

Few nuggets of the competition:

Jahira Banu, I am observing her from a year and I always wanted to be glad about her service to the Testing World. She energetically participates in Chennai Testing Groups with her posts. She has filed 62 bugs in this competition and made a remarkable support to the Web application and 99tests.com.

Always I feel massive cheerful when I want to say about Krishnaveni. As the world already knows about her testing skills and enthusiasm. It is always been a great time to work with her.

One more newbie who started his profession a few months back, Deepak. Participating actively and filing very practical and vital bugs.

Aslam Shaikh, I am seeing this folk for the first time in 99tests. But made a remarkable gesture by filing some of the security bugs.

There is a lot to say about the testers who are participating actively and filing the bugs which are making the customers work easy.

I thank Praveen Singh for giving me this occasion. And congrats to the winners and wishes to all the participants.

I wish I get more chances to participate in these contests to enrich my skills… Thanks to all who supported me and who energized me….


Where I would be if I managed my TIME?


A few years reverse when I was in 10th standard…. I was very poor at Sin, Cos, Cosec etc. I got not as much of as half of the pass marks in Trigonometry (18/50)

Be unsure…. I got 80 out of 100 in the final exam. I haven’t intended accordingly to get those marks. All is what I attained because the *practice* I did.

Now when I suppose why I was not able to score 100/100, it is because I have not accustomed and worked for that reason with the TIME

My Conclusion: Practice + Time Management = Remarkable results

A few months back when I was testing an application at 99tests.com, I was at the very last position. This was been my opening contest for this community.

Marvel…. After a week I was in the top 5. Here the *hard work* played a significant role.
Why I was not at the top 1? Another time I missed out to supervise my time accordingly

My Conclusion: Hard Work + Time Management = Exceptional results
Where am now – I am going ahead in performing testing with a lot of hard work, but this time I am preparing and maintaining my time for that reason.

Meeting more individuals from the testing groups, discussing with them and planning my schedule accordingly to learn new skills – day by day

I am helping my team mates and friends in Testing via a group – lucky to say that am the moderator for that group – Hyderabad Testers Group

A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life. – Charles Darwin.

P.S: Do you think that you have wasted your 5 minutes in reading my management skills? Oh yes, please do add the comments?

Want to say *No*? The question which is picked as the title for this post – is for you my dear friends. Please do add your valuable comments……


Thanks in Advance!!

Warm Regards,
Sudhamshu Ailineni ||
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