Lessons Learnt from Ajay’s First Class

Friends, I am glad to say that I enrolled for Ajay Balamurugadas’s free online testing course and here I am posting my learning from the First Class.

We started our session @ 10.00 PM IST and it went till 11.30. All the attendees are on Skype and we started exchanging our ideas about Skype. Then started the session of about testing and learning about Skype

Here are the topics I learnt from the First Class

  1. Features of Skype (Edit and Remove the text entered)
  2. “File Sending Failed” issue
  3. Usage of screenshots
  4. Questioning & Analyzing
  5. Usage of Mindmaps
  6. Environmental issues

Features of the Skype:

From Ajay’s online testing course, I learnt different features of Skype. I was using it from quite a few months but not aware of all the features. This is the first learning in the course.


One of the participants of the course is not able to edit the text which is entered by him, then my mind has a lot many questions; also the others to shoot. Questions like

*What the other options displaying then?

* Are you trying to edit the text which is been typed by you?

By questioning vividly we found more and more ways to analyze the problem. The following are the way’s we thought to solve the problem

We have two students in the course with the same name – Rajesh and Rajesh.P.  We thought “Rajesh” is trying to edit the “Rajesh.P” text – Asked this question, but not. He is trying to edit his own content

Rajesh was testing this feature from IPad and it seems there is an issue with it. Ajay and Gagan want to investigate more on this and hope they put their findings in the next clas


What if Rajesh could have been taken a screenshot of it and shared, it would have been made easy to solve the problem.

Hence I learnt from this course is, take a screenshot for all the scenarios when you see something different or which might not reproduce again all the time.

What I did here is, taken the screenshot of the options to edit and share with the course mates.

 “File Sending Failed”

After I sent the screenshot of the problem, all the course mates were not able to receive; most of them faced “Sending Failed” issue.

Ajay has given sometime to Google for the problem to find the root-cause of it. He asked to note down the points which we observe it in notepad later to share it in the class.

Here are some of the Questions asked for “Sending Failed” problem.

*Might be the person who is sending the file stopped before the receiver accepts it

*Might be the person deleted the file from the path where it is been sending

* It might be a Firewall which is stopping the file to receive

*It might be a version problem, the version the users are using are not same

*Might be the wrong configurations in the Skype settings

*Might the user is not in your contact list

* It might be because of a network problem


While we are searching for the root-causes Ajay has developed a Mindmap image and shared with us. Most of the attendees perplexed about how Ajay developed in it a short time.

As I am familiar using it, I was not a bit confused, and here is my own Mindmap of “Sending Failed” scenario

I generally use Free Mind to design the maps, here is my mindmap of “Sending Failed” scenario