Exploration Explored and Investigation Investigated

While I was testing an application few months back, I wondered of how to test it. I was not having any documents to read about it, no scenarios which explains me how to test. Also I did not have much time, I need to complete the testing in a week days (I might not *completely* test anything, but as per the metrics and the management, the deadline was a week days)

Then I prepared myself to test it via Exploratory Testing. Between before I continue with my post let us discuss what Exploratory Testing is

Wikipedia says it is an approach to software testing that is concisely described as simultaneous learning, test design and test execution. Let me share the resources which I referred at the end of this post.

Last year I visited Chennai to attend a testing conference, and this is my first visit to Chennai in my life time. After completing the conference I have to get my bus to come back to Hyderabad. I was in a situation where I even did not know where to go to catch the bus (I know to go Bus stop but not sure of how to go).

So my problems were: Reaching Bus Stop, catching bus to go back, if time permits a glass of beer and good food. No idea of how to move forward, but have to move (indeed this is how we work)

By that time, I followed my mind and heart to achieve this; also I hope that it happened to me because I am an Exploratory Tester. I mind mapped the approaches, ways, and ideas of searching/exploring. Here it is



The reason I said about alcohol is, most of you might not be the alcoholics, most of you might not go the restaurants to have alcohol, most of you only visit veg restaurants and some of you are alcoholics

This applies the same to the application we are testing, most of you might not test the web applications, most of you might not use the same tools to test the web applications, most of you do not automate the web applications and some of you test the web applications.

So, do not ever bother about the documents available for you to understand the application you are testing, explore it and understand.

P.S: The reason I put my title as “Exploration Explored and Investigation Investigated”, before writing this post, I investigated a lot about the testers who write about Exploration. As said earlier, I am posting the links which I referred, hope they help you to understand “Exploratory Testing” better.


http://bit.ly/86cE0o – A must read and follow



http://bit.ly/RqYHUF – See the comments




Note: If you really do not like about alcohol in this post, you can insert your own idea *smiles*

Thanks for your time sharing here, please put your comments or compliments to make me more active to write my experiences.

God Bless you all,
Happy Testing!!